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East Modesto downpour quite a sight

A hailstorm on March 24, 2011, left a layer of hail in the back yard of a home in east Modesto's Village I.

Not sure how many of you were home during the hailstorm that hit the Village on Thursday at about 4:40 p.m.

The brunt of it lasted about one minute, leaving behind a layer of hail stones and rushing water down my street near Floyd and Millbrook avenues.

I can recall when moving here in 2000 the talk about unresolved infrastructure issues, some centering on roads but other concerns tied to flood control.

In my decade here, and during downpours like the one yesterday, I can’t recall any street-flooding issues near my house. Before Floyd Avenue between Roselle and Fine was finished, you’d see little lakes on the side of the two-lane road. But nothing within the walls of Bright’s Millbrook development from what I’ve seen.

I heard on one of the YouTube videos uploaded yesterday within minutes of the late afternoon downpour somebody mentioning they hadn’t seen anything like this ever in Modesto. No doubt, a lot of water fell here because the rushing water extended at least three feet beyond either gutter in front of my house, and I don’t ever recall seeing anything like it.

A quarter-inch of rain was recorded in downtown Modesto in the 4 o’clock hour yesterday. Seemed like we had more in our area.

How has your street or property handled the rain over the years? Any issues or problems? Leave me a comment.

VOICEOVERS: Pretty easy to understand the American Idol judges keeping Casey Abrams. The decision had to be tied to ratings and the concert series. You either like Casey or you don’t. There’s no in-between with him, and that’s what makes him so important to the show. A quick check of Twitter Nation last night illustrated that very fact. Could not believe Haley and Lauren weren’t in the bottom three. Understood Stefano’s place there. I mean really. “Hello”? Surprised, too, by Thia’s presence. She, by the way, is from Mountain House. Overall, a fun show last night, including Stevie Wonder singing Steven Tyler “Happy Birthday.” Did not understand Hulk Hogan’s appearance, though. … My Aztecs were dumped from the NCAA Tournament. Still, a 34-3 season and a trip to the Sweet 16 left me pretty satisfied. Not sure I’ll watch another game of this tournament, though. … Saw the A’s named Trevor Cahill their Opening Day starter next Friday against the Seattle Mariners. Solid choice among many solid choices the A’s have at starting pitcher. The race for the No. 5 starting position is coming down to Brandon McCarthy and Tyson Ross. Either one is fine by me. McCarthy pitches today for the A’s, who play at 1:05 p.m.

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